Days on Roller Sport - Sea Games 26th

My days on Sea Games 26th 
as a Liaison Officer in Roller Sport...

10th November 2011

the picture taken on 10th November 2011, one day before the event started.. With Maria and Modi (Yes, I think that's Modi mascot, cause the eyelash look like girl haha)

11th November 2011
It's a nice date, huh?! Yaa, nice day too with the opening ceremony of 26th Sea Games in Palembang..
I'm feeling lucky cause I can feel the euphoria of this event.. Live and FREE XD

And this is one of my uniform as a Liaison Officer on Sea Games 26th :)

1st day competition, 12th November 2011

Category of 1st day competitions are 5000m points man and woman, and 300m ITT man and woman

Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Malarangeng,
was came to watch the match and gave support to Indonesian athletes..
Hey, he looks more handsome than seen on TV :D haha

That's some of my friends as Liaison Officer in Roller Sport too.. We take the picture with the mascot of Sea Games 26th, Modi wear roller skate :D

Me and Modi in roller skate costume XD

13th November 2011
it's 2nd day competition..
for category 1500m man and woman, and also 3000m relays man and woman..
And today I can take some pictures w/ the athletes of roller sport.. haha

w/ the winner of gold medals on 1500meters man, Johanes Wihardja..

w/ Inda and Anindya Wening Melati, the winner of 1500m silver medal and gold medal for relay 3000m

14th November 2011
Last day competition..
in category 500m man and woman, and elimination 10000m Points + Elimination man and woman..

Me n friends w/ Evan Christian, one of gold medal winner on 10000meters
w/ Benjamin Chee Jun Zhen roller sport athlete from Malaysia
Inda and me, w/ Zarki Rosa, winner of silver medal on 500m
Me and Inda w/ team manager of Vietnam , Le Quan..
(sorry I don't know his surname) ~~

And that's one of our craziness in the venue.. 
We had many fun times and nice moments..
unfortunately I forgot to take pictures with the NTO :(
I wish I could turn back the time >_<

okay that's all folks ! :D

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