NOT really holy(shit)day ^^

I've planned to spent my holiday with friend(s) since two months ago .
We've planned to go to Jakarta 'n Bandung for a week trip .
and I've imagine how fun is the holiday would .

But, plan just plan .
Damn !
I can't go out to Jakarta 'n Bandung with friend(s) .
cause I have NO permit from my parents to spent the holiday time with my friends .

at first I really being sick of this holiday .
So I say that it's NOT holiday !
But Holy(shit)day !
You must know how does it feels ?
If U've planned something and that wasn't realized?
Really disappointed and upset !

a week before the holiday begin,
I got an information about a training from my campus .
C++ and Java training a long holiday .
and I was very happy to hear that !

euphoria after hearing the info !
then the spirit to face the holiday come back to me .
but, I feel disappointed again .
because the training that I've waiting was delayed .

finally I just stay at home at the first week,
I went out just 2days, 
sucks !

but, in the second week,
I went out, too .
ohh, finally....
I went to OPI at Jakabaring with my friend(s) at thursday...

yaa, it's NOT holy(shit)day anymore :D
altough it's JUST stay in Palembang,

but I do LOVE it,
cause I still spent with my dearest friend(s) , too ^^

and these are some other images that captured at thursday afternoon and cloudy ..


and we imagine that at that time we were on a beach in Bali . 

and NOW, I'm NOT and I wouldn't called this a Holy(shit)day anymore !
yeah, I'm Swear ! hha

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