why I'm here
how can I be here
what's God reason that made me to be here

all the things so different here
than I ever imagined before
didn't like what I expected
why I'm here

I know it's all God destiny
and before God make this way
I decided
why I'm here

at first
can be here is a blessing
but I've changed it by myself
and don't know why, now I ask
why I'm here

regret always come to me
really often
and now it back,
regret for
why I'm here

I know only God knows what will happen
and may be here can be a way to a future bright
that's what I think
I only try to positive thinking
of all existing
and whatever will come next

that I know,
I CAN through it all

and I hope
"why I'm here"
can turn into
"I'm happy ever have been there.."


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