cry . cried . cried :((


mostly defined a sadness .
when feeling disappointed, heartache, loss, or angry, maybe ,
then people were crying because of them .

people must have felt sad,
and most of the impingement of the sadness is crying

don't know why,
crying usually are able to relieve the feeling,
it could make us feel more satisfied after we vent emotions through crying

but crying can also be due to something fun
when we got untold happiness

or maybe we will cry when we feel touched
because of something that we see, hear or feel.

I became too easy to cry.
even I cried not because I'm sad

yesterday I was crying as hard as I can

I try to excite all the anger by crying as long as I can,
and actually I feel tired cause may be I'm too excessive.
but afterwards I felt relieved,
because the disappointed that so deep can be minimized
by crying .

I've ever cried because of just hearing the words of someone,
and I don't know why my tears could fall .
that was so strange ! -_-"

I believe after all the sadness we feel,
God has a point of what's happening,
there must be other things that can be more fun with the other way from God .

wipe your tears,
and SMILE then !
enjoy your day no matter how difficult it be.
there would be more wonderful, 
if we pass with a smile ^__^

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