some about me =P~

Heyyhooo !
I’m back to write some about me..
Not what recently happened, but globally about me.. 
*not important I think  -___- haha

Well, it’s about me, my life..
Me , an only one daughter of my parents..
Have no sibling, with a lonesome childhood..
But I always get what I want ! hahaha *evil laugh*
And another awkwardness in my life..
I live with my grandmother and my aunties.. so where’s my parents?
We live separated, cause of something that made my grandma not allow me to stay in a district with my parents, which takes about 4hrs yo get there..

Weird? But that’s my life.. :D
So then, I get some bad impacts from it..
I've always been spoiled, and always have fun. causing a considerable sense of self-centered. Pathetic ! :|
And the more sad , I have no cousins too..
From my mom’s family, I have no cousins, for almost 15 years .
And finally I have a younger cousin. and until now I have had 4 younger cousins from my mom’s family..
Actually, I have a bit jealous of them.. cause I’m no longer as a self-centered from my aunts and my uncles.. even my mom and dad !
Can you imagine?! How stressed I felt at first..
But now, I realized.. I’m no longer a kid.. I must be mature in my age..
Be an older sister for my cousins..
And I wish, we will live happily, ever after..

My story above like I’m a character in a fairy tale..

Well, whatever you think I am..
I don’t care !!
I just try to be a better self, for me, my family, my friends and my world

See you then :p

*sorry if there's so much mistaken I made in my language.. I just try to improve my ability in writing in English.. thank you :D

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