Happy Mom’s Day !

Dec 22th,

Happy Mom's Day to every mom in this whole world..

And especially my mom and my grandmother..
Without you all, I'm nothing..
And with you and your pray, I can be everything..

my mama,,

more than 9 months she's carrying me, and with difficulty gave birth to me.

We rarely together, like another daughter n mom always do..

But you always can make me stronger with your words.. Make me get my spirit back to through this life..

I'll do my best to make you proud, someday..

Insya Allah..

And your pray mean everything to me..

I do love you and really miss you now, mama..♥

And for my grandmother..

she was the one that replaces the role of mama since I was a baby..

she always took care of and always spoiling me ..

like a mother to her child

and she was no less deserving of my mama,

I'm also very fond of her ..

now grandmother had entered his old age.

the situation turned around, it's time I take care of him too ..

like he took care of the time I was a kid..

I ♥ you both..

Thanks for always loving and caring me..

Allah must love you both, too.. :)

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