Hey, hello.. :)

Have a happy December, folks !

It's the end month in 2010.. let's make a plan to spend the year-end moment with your lovely people.. :D

Btw, the title said "boys"

But now, not about love a boy.. I wanna talk about their style..

How I really love boy's stuffs..

From their fragrance to their outfit..

They can have simply style but looks great at all..

Actually, i really wanna have my style such as boys,

but it's against my religious beliefs that forbid women to be stylish like men..

I really love to see the smart look boy..

Like prince William always do in his casual style.. how nice J

And like Afgan often do, too.. :p

Here's the pict..

Just shirt and undershirt inside.. how cool.. XD

By the way , I love the color of his shirt on pict above.. :p

Boys with their simple style..

No need to worry anything..

Free style, no strict and there's no inhibition at all..


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