A Deep Loss


A week passed.
After my beloved Grandma passed away into Allah's side.
my first of lossing a closest person, and it's a deep loss.

She's the one who always took care of me since I was a baby.
She taught me everything, even my first word.
She taught me how to read Al-Qur'an, to memorize surah-surah, and all 
She always bathe me when I was a kid.

She always waiting for me when I wasn't back yet from school every afternoon.
She always prepare anything that I need neatly.
She's my everything.

It's sad to see her become so weak some years lately.
After my Grandpa passed away in 2009, she always thought that "her time" is almost here.
And she just become weak day by day.
All of our family had no idea how to make her being normal again.
We just try the best for her.
Always give her the food that she loved, and do some medical way to recover her when she lost her appetite.

It's really sad to see her become that weak.
I know, some of the symptoms came due to the age, that become older day by day.
Since I still really remember that she was the stronger person that I know.

I lived with my Grandma because of some unexplainable reasons.
She's just like a mother for me.
And I ever wish that she really was.

Last week, she passed away, suddenly.
It feels like I lost a part of me.
And the saddest part is, I can't be there when she gone.
I just can send my prayer for her.
I do really love her.

She's simply the best I ever had.
I was still feeling very poorly in caring her.
But, I'm sure it's the best for her.
So that she wouldn't feel bad anymore.

May Allah grant you jannah, dear Grandma.
I love you.
I hope you know that I love you really much.
Rest in peace, Grandma...


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