Another story...

Hy my blog !
It's been more than 2 months I didn't post anything here..
I don't think that there are many people who open this blog ..
whether you read my writing or not .. but thank you for everyone :D

a lot happens in two months
not only pleasure, but also there are a lot of sadness that has happened

ya, that's life,
like a spinning wheel,

we are not always on top to enjoy the beauty in this life ..
somewhile, things would turn around..
we are under, with all the trials that God gave ..

joy and love in my life..
all still the same ..

I'm still on the road to reach my goal,

now I still couldn't reach the finish line,,
still quite far away ..
This is a period of struggle so that I can achieve all my dreams..
May God always give me strength so I can get through each phase of which still have my pass to get to that point, the finish line ..

I feel very grateful that God still gives happiness to me ..
many brothers and sisters who suffered from my countrymen, such as earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai and Merapi volcano victims in Yogya ..
give them fortitude to ya allah ..
and always protect my country, my Indonesian ..

Pray for all, Indonesia and world salvation..

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