where I like to write recently :D

This is an old toys ..
but just recent months I really enjoyed it ..
and it's recently become a trend in society, too..

when I play it, feels more exciting than I write long stories on my blog..
but actually write on this blog still have its own enjoyment .. :)

what I've talked about is the web provider of micro-blogging, Twitter.
about last year,
I liked to updated the status on Facebook with the same rate as I do on Twitter now,
but twitter was his place.

I like Twitter because there's a lot of freedom here ..
there isn't really resentful because I update too much.
because this is the place to dump the garbage. ha ha ha
maybe there's a follower who hate my updates, and they decide to unfollow me.
haha, it was their right, actually..

I can share much stories, fun, and even laments here.
and maybe there're some friends of mine going to respond.
thank you so much for those who want to! :D

it's all in my opinion,
and actually that's one factor why I rarely write here anymore..

but wait,
what's the meaning of Twitter actually?
on dictionary I read,
Twit means :
blame, reproach, gibe, tount..
such as bad things..

but we just do the good..
it's not always bad if the good appear..
Maybe it means like the place for us to write everything we (really) want to talk..

like blog,
but (real) blog must take time, with long character, as satisfied as we feel through writing..
Twitter is solution, so we can dump all the thing on our mind on Twitter everytime, everywhere....

keep Twit "the Good" , guys !

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