Graduation day !

These day must be a very awaited day by the people who are going through every level of education. from elementary school, junior high, high school and certainly college students.

Graduation day is a day of fun when the peak times of trouble to achieve that graduation has passed. The day where we enjoy all of the symbol of our completion of these levels.

I remember,
How glad I’m when I graduated elementary school, because I think then I'll change my red and white uniforms with blue and white.
then I feel that too, when the last days I was wearing a blue and white uniforms.

But when the last days I use the white and gray uniform,
I feel so glad ! but I was a bit heavy to took it off.
The days that I spent with my friend which made me feel hard to realize that I wasn’t a teenager who still in high school again.

But, in my high school graduation *30th June 2007*, the day seemed different, I wore toga.  
exquisite moments of graduation. 
Sit together with friends, and our name called one by one for the shifting of toga.
Very fun!

from that images, I really miss my graduation day !

especially my bachelor graduation that will come about one year again *in my target
amiin Yaa Rabbal alamiinn..
my next bachelor degree graduation must be more fun than my high school graduation.
When I’ve done all the things, all of the final tasks with each trial .

Oh God, please make my way ease to walk on all the things from now ‘till the end, so I could get the graduation at the normal time of mine.. so that I can do my effort to make my parents happy…


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