Something can change a BIG thing

something can change a big thing
yeaah,, that something maybe LOVE or CRUSH..
or any kind of that..

but that's totally can change MUCH things..
even world maybe? haahaa

uhh, crazy !
but it's fact..
I felt this..
but not at me at all..
ahahaa *maybe*

love can make people being strange, but they're so 'normal' before ..

love can make people being bad-temper, whereas so patient before.. *it's a li'l bit chilling! :-S
love can make people being careless .. even vice versa ..

yah, Love or Crush just something, but can make MUCH Big Change(s), the more that can be changed just because of love ..

*that's all just what I've seen around me.. ^^V

-copied from my facebook notes-

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