Don't give up ! ^^

I know that words have good meaning,

that could be an encouragement  ,

so we would keep trying all the things that we've failed in it before.

but why sometimes that words have no effect to me .
I said that, but I stop trying then .


I often feel this,
this problem really influence me .

I can stop trying something important for my college task or anything,
that just because I've failed once ,
and then I have no more desire to keep trying that thing .

that's really me !
I can encourage other to always keep trying, and don't give up for whatever they do .
But I can't do that to myself .
Sometimes it could, but it has no effect .

when that feel so blame,
I feel that I'm just a li'l thing that can't do anything .

it can be inferred,
pessimist .
*ok, it's just SOMETIMES ! :D

    Don't give up .
    be thankful for everything we had,
    Life is a gift .

*from D'massiv song "Jangan Menyerah"

Don't be easy to Give Up, guys !
cause we'll get whatever we want,
if we never bored to TRY !

Keep Trying and DON'T Give Up ! \^^/

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